In an Emergency....

In an Emergency....

We are part of the NHS Grampian Eye Health Network providing first line emergency eye care. 

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NHS Glaucoma Clinic

NHS Glaucoma Clinic

Organised by NHS Grampian Glaucoma patients are seen at the Practice instead of at the hospital

Investing in technology...

Investing in technology...

The latest generation swept source OCT provides significant benefits over conventional OCT.  For example, the optimized scanning light penetrates better through cataracts and sclera.

Working in Partnership with...

Working in Partnership with...

We work in association with the Hospital Eye Service, GP’s and Pharmacy. As a part of the Eye Health Network we have a direct link with the Eye Department and work to protocols issued by the College of Optometrists and the Eye Health Network. We share information with your GP and the Hospital Eye Service with your consent when this is beneficial to you.  We believe that a joined up service benefits you significantly.

Our Optometrist Malcolm regularly teaches about foreign body removal, click the link below to listen to a College of Optometrists podcast interview with him.

I'm a foreign body - get me out of here!

Specialist Services

Clinics Clinics

Glaucoma Clinic

We run a Glaucoma Clinic as part of the Hospital glaucoma service.  The service is consultant led and we share the record with the hospital.  This clinic is booked by the Eye Clinic only.


Clinics Clinics

Dry-Eye Clinic

Dry eyes are a common problem and can be exacerbated by environmental factors such as air conditioned offices and excessive use of computer screens. This in turn leads to the eyes feeling uncomfortable and tired and becoming inflamed.

Once the primary cause of the problem has been identified, a treatment plan can be tailored to your individual requirements. Why not give us a call to arrange an appointment?

Partnerships Partnerships

Grampian Eye Health Network

McPherson Optometry is part of the Grampian Eye Health Network. Most people think of visiting the optician when they feel they may need glasses. If you have an eye problem such as sudden loss of vision, blurred vision or sudden flashes and floaters you can make an emergency appointment with an Optician.

These appointments are provided free through the NHS and will ensure that you receive the right specialist care as soon as possible.

If you are experiencing an eye problem call the practice.

Imaging Imaging


With the installation of our new OCT, one of the most advanced on the market, the Topcon DRI OCT TRITON, we can obtain high resolution images of both the front and the back of the eye.  This test is easy to conduct, with the scan only taking a few seconds to complete.  Many eye conditions can be diagnosed with this equipment and of course it can also confirm that all is well and the eye is healthy.

Contact Lenses Contact Lenses

Complex and specialist lenses

We work with complex eye problems and contact lenses on a daily basis. This area is a speciality at McPherson Optometry and we have provided the specialist medical contact lens fitting service to NHS Grampian Hospital Eye Clinics for over twenty years.

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