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Young Child Wearing Yellow Active Glasses

Childrens Eyecare

Eye care for children is crucial – we focus on diagnosing any issues early on and providing tailored solutions for each case. Eye exams for kids look in detail at any visual changes they experience and check for warning signs that may signal a developing condition. Glasses and contact lenses are available with specialist designs to allow children to enjoy optimal vision without discomfort or difficulty.

Children's Eye Exam

Kids Eye Tests

While eye problems are common in children, with as many as 1 in 5 experiencing an undiagnosed condition, most children simply need checkups to keep their eyes in good shape. These eye tests are extremely important; diagnosing and managing any visual impairment or eye condition can be life-changing for children, affecting everything from their education to their self-confidence.


Our eye tests look in detail at children’s eye health and vision. There is no minimum age for eye tests and we encourage all parents and caregivers to have their child’s eye tested for the first time from the age of 3. Taking care of this important part of their health can go a long way towards supporting their development and well-being.

Glasses & Contact Lenses for Children

For our younger glasses wearers, we offer an exciting range of eyewear in different styles and materials. Kids’ eyewear should be fun but it should also offer exceptional vision, comfortable wear and protection. We ensure our glasses cover all these bases with a wide variety of designs to fit every face shape and preference.

Many people don’t consider contact lenses as an option for their children, but they can be just as effective, safe and comfortable as they are for adults. Children are often averse to the idea of glasses, so contact lenses offer an exciting opportunity for them to choose the way they correct their vision.


We offer myopia control contact lenses and spectacle lenses, so you and your child can find a way to correct myopic vision in a way that works for them.

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