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Patient undergoing a comprehensive eye exam at McPherson Optometry

Comprehensive eye tests in Aberdeen

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Women Having An Eye Exam

Your Eye Test

We carry out comprehensive eye exams, assessing your eyesight and ocular health.


While it may be easy to forget to have your eyes tested, this is an essential practice that will help you keep your vision and eye health in good shape. Our optometrists use the latest technology and procedures to provide accurate and detailed results while getting to know you and your eye care needs. 

Many eye conditions can cause damage before they have any symptoms. This is one of many reasons that regular eye exams are important for your health.


People often think of eye tests as a check to see whether you need glasses or contact lenses. While they do involve an assessment of your vision, comprehensive eye exams also offer important health checks and screenings for conditions like glaucoma, macular degeneration and cataracts. We believe in helping our patients improve their eye health and vision and this means detailed eye exams that consider each patient individually, offering testing, advice and products designed for them.

Comprehensive Eye Exam at McPherson Optometry

Your Appointment

An eye examination involves building a case history and carrying out tests to assess eyesight and eye health. Exams may vary depending on your age, family and medical history and symptoms.


Our tests include:


  • Visual acuity

  • Eye pressure

  • Refraction

  • Interior/exterior examination

  • Glaucoma screening

  • OCT

  • Optomap

For many of our patients, we recommend more detailed examinations using OCT and Optomap. These additional tests allow a more detailed assessment of your eye health and can catch conditions that may lead to severe vision loss in the future.

To learn more about our OCT & Optomap technology, click here.

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