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Soft Contact Lens

Contact Lenses

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Are Contacts Really For Me?

There is a vast array of lenses available today and it can be very confusing knowing which to choose. McPherson Optometry can help guide you to the best lenses for your needs, whether you want to wear lenses full time, just for special occasions or for sporting or medical reasons there is a lens out there for you.

We can source lenses from any laboratory and regularly use Alcon, Johnson & Johnson Acuvue, CooperVision, SynergEyes UK, Scotlens, Cantor & Nissel and Ultravision.

Once you are happy with your lenses we can take the hassle out of re-ordering before you run out.  We operate a Care Scheme whereby you receive lenses at regular intervals either to the practice or directly to your home .  Choose from as little as 10 daily disposable lenses a month through to full time wear.  We even include your fees for appointments and discounts on complete spectacles and sunglasses.

Types of Contact Lenses?

At McPherson Optometry we are currently offering free trials of disposable soft contact lenses and unlike some other practices this means a completely free trial and covers the fitting fee as well as lenses to take home and try for yourself. One follow up appointment wearing your lenses is also included.

Soft Daily Disposable Lenses

Toric Lenses

Gas Permeable Lenses

Soft Monthly/Fortnightly Disposable Lenses


Multifocal Lenses


Specialist Lenses

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Caring for Your Contact Lenses

As a contact lens wearer you want to ensure that you are getting not only the best product for your eyes, but also the best care to maintain your vision and  eye health.  With the Care Scheme not only will you be sent a reminder when you are due a check-up but a regular supply of lenses can be arranged automatically and can even be delivered to your door!  In addition all your appointments throughout the year are covered as well as a 20% discount on complete spectacles or sunglasses

Monthly/Fortnightly Lenses

These lenses are disposed of either once or twice a month.  They are cleaned and stored in soaking solution in a lens case when not being worn.

Most commonly they are made from silicone hydrogel, a very comfortable material which has very high oxygen permeability and remains moist on the surface of the eye.

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