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Night Lenses

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Ortho-K or Night Lenses

Interested in Nocturnal or Night lenses?  The surprising thing is that the lenses are worn overnight, removed in the morning and clear vision is achieved during the day with no optical aids at all!  Nocturnal lenses utilise the principle of orthokeratology (Ortho-K) to gently re-shape the cornea to provide clear vision.  Precision measurements involving some 20,000 points ensure an individual lens design tailored to your eye.  

Nocturnal lenses are suitable for children and adults alike.  At a daily cost of less than your favourite coffee they make good economic sense too.

McPherson Optometry are able to offer an automatic regular replacement service to ensure lenses are only worn when in peak condition, giving the highest levels of comfort and visual clarity.  The use of fresh lenses in optimum condition encourages healthy eyes and reduces the incidence of irritation and infection. 

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