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Dispensing Optician At McPherson Optometry

Eyewear Collection

Our approach to eyewear is simple. With an extensive range of quality frames and lenses and a dedicated team of dispensing opticians, we aim to give you glasses that are exactly right for you.


We stock some amazing brands as well as affordable options, to ensure that your glasses will suit you and your budget. Different materials, lens types and designs are on offer to allow you plenty of choices. To help you navigate the selection our team are always on hand.

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Eyewear Styling At McPherson Optometry

Eyewear Styling

From our conveniently located practice in central Aberdeen, our professional team are available to assist you with eyewear styling and lens selection.


Your unique style can be complemented with the right frames. With expert and honest advice, we can help you find glasses you’ll love to wear every day. Beyond aesthetics, we’ll help you find glasses that fit you comfortably and suit all of your practical requirements.

Spectacle Lenses

Eyewear isn’t just about fashionable frames – we make sure all our glasses are fitted with lenses from top manufacturers. Our team will guide you through the different lens types, coatings and aesthetics to ensure your glasses provide clear vision and protection while complementing your appearance.

Prescription Sunglasses

Almost all of our sunglasses are available with your prescription. This allows you to protect your eyes without ever sacrificing vision or your favourite outdoor look. The wide variety of frames includes options for various outdoor activities, styles and unique requirements. Ask our team about the best option for you.

Women Wearing Prescription Sunglasses
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