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Nikon Spectacle Lenses

Nikon Spectacle Lenses

As a local independent business, we are proud to offer spectacle lenses by Nikon Lenswear UK. The sustainably responsible choice for your vision with lenses which are designed in Japan and manufactured locally in the UK, offering you an unparalleled experience of life’s every detail.

From photography to spectacle lenses, Nikon is known for it’s expertise in high-precision optics, providing millions of people across the world and beyond, with a sharper point of view through the most trusted and sought-after optical products. Nikon spectacle lenses are custom-made to your vision, resulting in optimised visual performance for every lifestyle.  

Nikon Lenswear are also recognised for their super fast delivery times, making them the ideal solution for any emergency or last-minute orders.  


Ask us more about Nikon spectacle lenses in practice today, or discover more at 

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High-Precision Progressive Lenses 

Progressive lenses are the best option to address presbyopia, which is a natural consequence of the eye’s ageing process. With Nikon Lenswear you can choose from one of the widest ranges of spectacle lenses to find a solution that is right for you, with superior optical performance, better aesthetics and optimal everyday comfort. Discover Progressive Lenses by Nikon Lenswear. 

Nikon High Precision Progressive Lenses
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Nikon Lenses For Every lifestyles

Lenses For Every Lifestyle 

​Just like our vision, we all have our own unique lifestyles and hobbies - but all of us are spending more time than ever focusing on these activities, whether for work or leisure, online or offline. eLife Pro lenses by Nikon are the ideal lifestyle lens solution for the everyday hobbies and activities which demand even more from your vision and focus. Discover eLife Pro lenses by Nikon Lenswear. 

Advanced Single Vision Lenses 

Single Vision lenses have the same focal power throughout the entire lens and can be used to correct myopia, hyperopia, and/or astigmatism. With Nikon Lenswear you can choose from a wide range of single vision lenses that will not only meet your vision needs, but suits your choice in style too.

Nikon Single Vision Lenses
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Lifestyle Lens Coatings 

SeeCoatTM Lifestyle Coatings by Nikon enhance your lenses by further improving the optical performance, safety and aesthetics, and can be optimised for your needs such as driving, blue light protection from digital devices, everyday UV protection or enhanced colour contrast in dim light. Ask us about the best solution for you.  

Spectacle Lenses Optimised For Sports

SeeMax Sports by Nikon is a dedicated portfolio of lenses for all sports enthusiasts, whether you are a seasoned athlete or just starting out – so you can benefit from the best lens design whilst enhancing your athletic performance. Available in over 25 colours, SeeMax Sports offers a solution to cater for every sports environment.

SeeMax Sports By Nikon
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