Modern lenses for the digital age....

Modern lenses for the digital age....

Whatever your need, we can supply lenses to give you your best visual experience

See Coat Drive

See Coat Drive

The everyday lens with enhanced driving performance


  • Ideal for digital device users
  • Those wanting a tailor made lens
  • Shallow Frames
  • Smooth Progression means improved intermediate area
  • Eye rotation to near/intermediate zone is reduced

Home & Office NEO

  • Perfectly matched to today's indoor digital use
  • Wide near and intermediate vision
  • Indoor use area is increased by 50% compared to a conventional PPL
  • Minimum fitting height of 9mm from pupil to top of the lens
  • Available in Long, Standard  and Wide

Online Wide NEO

  • Enhanced Reading Lens
  • Specific to near/desk zones
  • Extended depth of vision
  • Available in 4 degressive powers

The Relaxsee Neo Series

  • Sharp distance vision reduces eye strain for computer use
  • Aspheric design
  • Nikon's Aberration Filter Technology ensures distortion-free vision
  • Relaxsee Neo Lite and Relaxsee Neo available now
  • Relaxsee Neo Air and Relaxsee Neo Super available March 16'

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