Dementia and Visual Impairment

Dementia and Visual Impairment

Dementia and Visual Impairment

  • Date: 20th July 2018

All of us have a 1 in 7 chance of being diagnosed as having a visual impairment such as cataracts for example.  This means many people who are living with dementia are also likely to have a visual impairment.  This in turn could leave them feeling isolated, particularly if they have trouble navigating their surroundings or perhaps feeling confused when they can’t see friendly faces as well as they once could.  If you, or someone you know living with dementia is thinking of having an eye examination, the following points may help:

·         Let the Optical Advisor know that you have dementia when booking the appointment, we can extend the appointment time for you if necessary

·         Book your eye examination at a time of day that suits you best, you might be better in the afternoon for example

·         You may want to invite a carer or someone who knows you well to come along, they might be able to help you answer any questions the Optometrist may have

Having regular eye examinations is important for us all, but for someone living with dementia good vision can have a huge impact on daily life. 

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