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Spectacle Lenses

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  • Ideal for digital device users

  • Those wanting a tailor made lens

  • Shallow Frames

  • Smooth Progression means improved intermediate area

  • Eye rotation to near/intermediate zone is reduced

Home and Office NEO

  • Perfectly matched to today's indoor digital use

  • Wide near and intermediate vision

  • Indoor use area is increased by 50% compared to a conventional PPL

  • Minimum fitting height of 9mm from pupil to top of the lens

  • Available in Long, Standard  and Wide

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Women Wearing Designer Glasses

Online Wide NEO

  • Enhanced Reading Lens

  • Specific to near/desk zones

  • Extended depth of vision

  • Available in 4 degressive powers

The Relaxee NEO Series

  • Sharp distance vision reduces eye strain for computer use

  • Aspheric design

  • Nikon's Aberration Filter Technology ensures distortion-free vision

  • Relaxsee Neo Lite and Relaxsee Neo available now

  • Relaxsee Neo Air and Relaxsee Neo Super available March 16'

NEO Series
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